Message from Kusum Srivastava (Vice Principal)

Albert Einstein said “Education is not about learning of facts but training young minds to think.” There is a stark difference between cramming up facts and learning them so that they can be applied in productive ways.

We here at Evergreen Public School believe excellence in everything, we try to work towards holistic development of our students by providing them tools and experiences that encourage our students to think. Our aim is to create empowered minds so that students are able to decide what is right or wrong for them. Everyone is born with the urge to create. It is a part of our journey in life. The teachers here at EPS act as facilitators to encourage learning by raising their level of interest and arousing their curiosity.

In today’s era of technology, the real challenge lies in imparting the traditional values which have been at the core of our education system. The purpose of education is to strengthen the character of an individual, by elevating the sentiments of serenity and humility, so that they are able to face any challenges and come out on top. We work hard towards ensuring that our students will be able to restore the traditional values that have been at a decline in our society, thereby getting rid of all the chaos that has been created because of it.