Message from Praveen Kumar Singh (Director)

The aim of Evergreen Campus is to inculcate Moral values and virtues among children and thus space up their future and make their career as bright as the word Surya reflects.

‘Wings of ambitions and roots of generation’; This has been the philosophy and trust of our institution. This institution is committed and devoted towards bestowing quality education in different streams in order to blossom high ethical values among the children, sowing the seeds of the individuals who will strengthen the nation’s future growth.

We aim to provide high-tech and globalized education which blends in the right mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge and motivate our children to achieve new and unforeseen dimensions of achievements.

As a young aspirant we offer enormous opportunities for our scholars to bloom themselves in different spheres of life. Our possibilities are only limited by our thinking. What may be the limit of one person is a walk in the park for another. We have within ourselves the ability to become and achieve anything we want, and in our institution, we ensure that all kinds of opportunities are provided to our young minds to encourage them to think outside the box and supercede their own expectations in life.