P.G. – Tution Fee 1400

LKG – Tution Fee 1425

UKG – Tution Fee 1450

I – Tution Fee 1500

II – Tution Fee 1550

III – Tution Fee 1600

IV – Tution Fee 1650

V – Tution Fee 1700

VI – Tution Fee 1750

VII – Tution Fee 1800

VIII – Tution Fee 1850

Annual Fees Rs 2000 Shall Be Paid In The Month Of July.


  1.  Fees for all the new admissions will be desposited in cash in school office.
  2. All the particulars of the bill book must be completely filled in by parents.
  3. In case of payments of fee by cheque, Please mention the cheque number on both the school and bank copy of bill book, to avoid inconvenience.
  4. Please fill in all three payin-slip, submit the school and account copy in the school office soon after the fee is deposited.

Note : Exam fees shall be paid in the following month.

May – 600

Aug – 600

Nov – 600

Feb – 600

Note : Share your reciept with Student Name and Sch. No. on whatsapp no- 6394851945, 9410877596

Late Fees of Rs.50/- Shall Be Charged Monthly After 15 Of Every Month.